Work Desk

AccedeEvents is a husband and wife team started in Woodstock Georgia this year in response to COVID economy. Kristy and I have been working in the live event and live streaming industry for over 17 years. We have worked in the streaming and webinar industry for over 10 years and we saw the need to make the shift to virtual events. With our combined work experience, we saw a great opportunity to help small businesses continue to market, operate and grow through virtual conferences. 



AccedeEvents launches in Oct 2020


New virtual company with over 12 years of web streaming and webinar experiences launches in Woodstock Georgia. The husband and wife look forward to the upcoming projects and events for 2021. 

Upgraded Computers 


We have taken the opportunity to upgrade out company computers expanding out digital and technical services for your clients. As we grow, so does out technical capabilities. 

Gala Dinner Shot3.png

AccedeEvents designed the virtual background and stage for the WCOR virtual GALA conference this past week. Working with the great team of the Women's Council of Realtors. 


Woodstock Chamber


As a new company, we have proudly partnered with the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce. They are an amazing team and so proud to part of a great organization. 


Exact eMotion


Working with Exact eMotion for video editing, photography and virtual event producing has been an amazing partnership. Bring emotion and drive to every video experience is key to producing excellent video experiences. 

Network Upgrade 


Currently, we are upgrading our internet and network infrastructure for the increased business demand ensuring our clients have the capacity needed to produce excellent virtual events. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 4_45_47 PM.png



They bring great knowledge and experience in internet and network design, website configuration and execution. Moving to virtual events requires a great system network and they do a great job of providing design, setup and support.